Junior Racquet Sports  


At GSRC, we encourage our members to bring their kids and be active together. We offer an array of junior racquet sports such as tennis, pickleball and paddle. Our staff consists of certified pros who have received awards for their excellent methods and teaching techniques.

Whether your child has never picked up a racquet or has years of experience, we promise they will enjoy their time at GRSC. We are proud of our program, which has been named one of the best in New England.

Junior Tennis

We have crafted a tennis pathway for each young tennis player which ensures proper preparation and play at each level. Our staff has experience with some of the world’s leading innovators in U10 tennis and is knowledgeable in teaching.

For general information about the junior program or to set up a complimentary hitting session for your junior player, please email our Junior Director, Matt Fraenza at matt@guilfordracquet.com.

Click below to view our summer junior tennis brochure.  All junior program registrations are done through our app and require payment in full upon registration.  Please call the club if you need help accessing it.


Red Ball (ages 4-7)

We have several “Red Ball” skills that children can master at GRSC. At this age, children learn the basics, hand-eye coordination, footwork fundamentals, and more. 

  • Rally the ball at least ten times over the next on a 36’ court
  • Serve 50% of the time on a 36’ court
  • In position before and after ball contact
  • Self feed a drop-hit ball accurately to partner, eventually with a spin
  • Track score and serve a game using 1,2,3,4 scoring
  • Progress in rallying with a spin on forehand and backhand side
  • Volley the ball over the net to partner or coach
  • Cooperate with partner and coaches

Orange Ball (ages 7-10)

We help players develop consistency in the 60-foot court within their groundstrokes, volleys, and serves.

Orange Ball Skills to Master at GRSC:

  • Rally ball at least 10 times over net on 60′ court
  • Serve 50% of time on 60′ court
  • In ready position before ball is hit
  • Understands scoring 15, 30, 40, game
  • Understands how to use spin in grounstrokes
  • Able to volley over the net to a partner
  • Able to focus throughout the lesson and respects on court Pro

Green Ball (ages 10-13)

Green Ball players will learn how to master their game within the full-size, 78-foot court. We will also enhance their technique on groundstrokes, volleys, and serves.

  • Rally the ball at least ten times in a row on a 78′ court
  • Volley the ball back and forth from the net to a baseline player on the 78’ court
  • Serve at least 70% of balls in a 78’ court
  • In ready position and moving up to the net using a split step
  • Use continental grip on volleys
  • Control volleys to partner or coach across the net
  • Self-feed a ball from 78’ baseline to partner
  • Cooperate with a partner and listen to coaches
  • Be willing to try different ideas from coaches

Yellow Ball (ages 12-18)

We encourage our Yellow ball players to enhance their point construction to have the confidence to play points, matches and feel consistent with players on their level. They will master the following skills.

  • Using a continental grip on a backhand groundstroke, volleys and serve with acceptable technique
  • Hit topspin and slice on both ground-strokes
  • Rallying 20 ground-strokes in a row without a miss
  • Understand basic tactics
  • Display cooperative play among partners
  • Be willing to try different ideas from coaches

Junior Team Tennis

Contact Averi@guilfordracquet.com for more information

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Check out our Adult Racquet Sports

Junior Pickleball

Interested in pickle ball for juniors?

Junior Pickleball All Summer – 2024

Allow your kids to enjoy coordinated and supervised pickleball all summer long.  Ages 9-15, Wednesdays, June 19-August 28, 4:30-5:30pm.  $12m/$18nm.  Weather permitting.  We need a min. of 3 people to run it each week.

Spring Junior Pickleball

Wednesdays 3:30-4:30pm.  $12m/$18nm.  Sign up with Wendy.   jrpickleball@guilfordracquet.com

Email info@guilfordracquet.com for activities and memberships.

Junior Paddle

Learn more about our Junior Paddle program!


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